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1. Do not Spam

Here on the Club Penguin Realm Forums, we take quality of each post very seriously. Please do not spam to obtain the posts needed for a certain rank, or just type in random numbers/ letters and press "Send." If you see a user spamming, please report it immediately to a Moderator through the Reporting feature, or through private messaging.

Spamming can be classifed as:


Invididuals with dyslexic disabilities are to private message an administrator if users are criticizing you for your poor grammar. If you do not have any disorders such as Dyslexia, there is no excuse for spamming.

Overusing the smilies in one post is also considered spamming. Stick to about 2 - 3 at the most in a post.

2. Do Not Double/ Triple Post
Please do not double or triple post on these forums. It adds more spam than we need in the community. This also falls under the first rule, "Do Not Spam" because double/ triple posting is basically spam. Instead of breaking this rule, edit your post with the new information you want to add.

If you are the owner of a thread and have just updated your thread, you may double post to inform users of this.

3. No Swearing
Here on the Club Penguin Realm Forums, we would like to keep this community clean. We will allow you to use some swear words, but most of them will be filtered.

4. No Hacking/ Hack Discussion
We will not tolerate any Hacking Discussion of any kind. Keep the forums clean! We don't need hackers ruining the game for the rest of us. Hackers will be Perma-Banned immediately.

If you think someone is hacking but you are not sure, you may post it if you wish. However you will still receive a warning for posting something related to Hacking.

5. No Adult Material
Please keep the forums clean! We do not need to see inappropriate images such as a penguin sticking a sword through anothers heart, or pornographic images.

If a user posts pornographic images, they will immediately be Perma-Banned on the spot. Not everyone wants to see that.

6. Must be 13+
You must be 13 years or older to post on these Forums! We limit this so that underaged users will not be exposed to teenage behavior, language and such. If you are 12 years old, you must have parental consent before joining.

We are being very generous allowing 12 year old children here with parental consent. In the future, we are most likely to remove this.

7. No Backseat Moderating
We know that some of you like to help, but in most cases, it is not needed. For example. If a user posts a thread about hacking, instead of posting, report the thread to a Moderator or Administrator and we will immediately rush to delete the post and ban/ give infraction to the user.

Report it and Ignore It! You are only risking your own account by posting in these kinds of threads. You may accidently break another forum rule in the process.

8. No Flaming
Please do not flame other users. This means, to yell at them, call them names, and/ or bully them around. We will not tolerate users getting into fights and spamming up a thread. It ruins the thread for every other user who wants to post.

Remember, the Moderators and Administrators of this Forum have the final say in any matter!


This is a block of text that can be added to posts you make. There is a 500 character limit

The image/ images in your Signature can not exceed 670x340. We must limit it because if there are too many users will large signatures, the forum will be extremely laggy. Administrators and Moderators do not have to follow this rule, but it would be nice if they did.

Keep the image in your avatar appropriate, otherwise, it will be removed, and you will have your ability to use this function taken away.


Displays a small graphic image below your details in posts. Only one image can be displayed at a time, its width cannot exceed 150 pixels, the height cannot exceed 200 pixels, and the file size cannot be higher than 64 KB.

Keep the image in your avatar appropriate, otherwise, it will be removed, and you will have your ability to use this function taken away.